Your own enterprise Blockchain Lab

Rapidly design, test and deploy applications in your own private blockchain sandbox

Your Blockchain Innovation Lab. Ready-to-go!

A lab-like environment to rapidly prototype and operate your distributed ledgers



Scalable, secure and robust enterprise blockchain platform for prototyping and production deployment.

Ready-to-deploy apps

Quickly build and validate blockchain use cases atop select pre-deployed blockchain applications.

Multiple Options

Multiple blockchain technologies. Multiple experiments. One platform. Simple.

Crowd Source

Obtain services, ideas, or tools by soliciting contributions from a wide range of partner experts

Blockchain Platform as a Service

Harness the joint potential of cloud computing and blockchain technologies to develop next-gen applications

Robust. Scalable

Reliable, scalable and on-demand infrastructure. In the cloud


Sandbox Environment

Pre-configured ready-to-use blockchain sandbox


Low upfront time and capital requirements

Made in Singapore

In-region hosted. Loclaized. Made for Asia

Select ready-to-deploy blockchain apps

Get started swiftly. Try them today!

Digital Asset Exchange

Create, issue and exchange cryptocurrencies. Play with a stack of financial services on the blockchain.


Smart Contracts Library

A select set of pre-written, tested templates, to help you quickly deploy smart contract applications

Integrated Environment

An integrated cloud development environment to design, develop, test and deploy blockchain apps

Get started today

Test drive the Alpha version for free! Drop us a line at info@blockchainfoundry.comfor access to the demo

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